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Thursday 13 June

Friday 14 June

  • Mentor Training, London


Wednesday 2 May

Thursday 7 June

  • Mentor Training, London

Friday 8 June

Saturday 9 June

  • MENTOR Day, by invitation for active Mentors

Bespoke Group Leader Trainings can be arranged.

  • Trainers can come to your school, group or to a group of schools.
  • Please get in touch to discuss date and venue.

Training and Running Costs
  • We are determined to keep costs very low so the benefits of Babywatching can be part of as many communities as possible.
  • To become a self-sustaining Babywatching school takes two years.
  • To start a Babywatching Group, a trained Group Leader is needed.
  • Particularly in the first year of running a group, the Group Leader needs the support of a Mentor.

Year 1
  • One day of training a Group Leader@ £100
  • Experienced Mentor support during first year consists of 3 to 4 visits and several e-mails @ £50 per hour £250-£350

Year 2
  • Year 1’s Group Leader trains as the school Mentor £170
  • Two more teachers or support staff train as Group Leaders £200

The total cost to train two to three Group Leaders, and one of the Group Leaders training as the in-school Mentor is £820.

This £820, spread over two years, is needed to become a self-sustaining Babywatching school.

However, to safeguard standards and learn from each other’s experience, Mentors attend ongoing Mentors' Gatherings every two years. Fee minimal.
  • Bursaries for Training and Mentoring

Please get in touch to discuss Bursary support if lack of funds would prevent your school from welcoming Babywatching.

Feedback from previous trainings

"A big thank you for today; I thoroughly enjoyed it and have left with lots of thoughts and ideas about how to undertake the next stage of Babywatching in our school."

"It was a very stimulating and exciting day and I am really looking forward to getting started."

"Congratulation on organising such an inspiring training day yesterday – it was fascinating to observe the interactions between both mother and their babies."

"A delight! It was so positive to be among a group of teachers (by and large) who were buzzing with enthusiasm!"