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  • To work more closely with Headteachers and Deputy Heads, exploring how Babywatching can enrich their school communities. Headteachers are key to Babywatching’s growth.
  • Developing hubs: We aim to move from a school in isolation to working with school clusters/academies/trusts/alliances, and having a regional Mentor who is aware of local context and keeps plugged into the head office.
  • Improve our networking through social media and attending events.
  • Extend our talks to more groups of interested parties.
  • Encourage Headteachers, and everyone involved with Babywatching, to tell their colleagues about the value Babywatching brings to their communities.
  • Research published to strengthen the strong anecdotal evidence that Babywatching is making a very positive contribution to children's learning (see Quotes page).
  • Continue to organise flexible B.A.S.E. Babywatching annual and regional Group Leader and Mentor trainings. Four UK trainers available to travel throughout the UK.
  • Fundraising.

By January 2016 Babywatching UK had:

  • Welcomed the first, four, fully-trained UK B.A.S.E. Babywatching trainers.
  • Run Group Leader trainings in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Next Group Leader training 10 June 2016 in London.
  • Run a training course for Mentors in 2014 and 2015. Next Mentor training in London, July 2016.
  • Planned a Mentors’ Gathering for the summer term 2016.
  • Agreed to a bespoke Group Leader training for Ealing schools in March 2016.
  • Welcomed a small research team from Queen Mary University of London, to run a research pilot in two schools, one in Leicestershire, one in north London. Data will be gathered by July 2016 and will then be analysed.
  • So far, reached the lives of approximately 1,500 children.
  • Become a Charity and in December 2015 received funds that enables the Charity to offer bursaries for training and Mentoring. Schools with a serious commitment to what Babywatching can offer their community, but who lack funds, should get in touch via the Get in Touch page.

Our starting Goals were:

  • To offer training for Group Leaders and also Mentors to support the Group Leaders.
  • To ensure the standard of Babywatching is upheld by holding discussion seminars for trained Mentors to share ideas and promote what is working well with Groups around the UK.
  • To have a research team measure the effectiveness of Babywatching and to publish the results of the research.
  • For Babywatching to have reached and enriched the lives of 10,000 children by 2022.
  • To become a charity, so bursaries can be offered to Headteachers who recognise the value of Babywatching but have no funds to get started.
  • Funds are also needed for the administration which is essential to keep Babywatching functioning effectively.